Breast Augmentation Recovery Stages

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Breast augmentation surgery is a great way to increase the size and fullness of your breasts. This is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures, so you are not alone if you choose to go this route.

Postoperative Recovery Stages

Here’s what you need to know about the breast augmentation recovery process, how you’ll feel, and how to care for your new breasts after your surgery.

Immediately After Surgery

You’ll be placed under general anesthesia for the duration of the procedure, so you’ll likely feel a bit groggy when you wake up. During the acute recovery period (immediate post-operation), you’ll need someone to drive you home, as it will be unsafe for you to drive yourself.

First 3 to 5 days 

The earliest days after your surgery are typically the most uncomfortable, and you may experience significant pressure in the chest area. To help you feel more comfortable during your recovery, your doctor can prescribe you pain relievers and muscle relaxers. During this period, it is best to take it easy, avoiding any strenuous activity. After the first few days, you will likely find that the worst of the pain has subsided and that you can head back to work, assuming that you don’t have to perform physical labor in your job.

The Next Few Weeks

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll be able to resume many of your daily activities, including walking, personal care, and simple chores. This is the most important phase of the recovery process, as it is when the implants settle into place. Throughout this period, you’ll need to massage your breasts for 5 minutes each, twice a day, to help them settle into the appropriate location. Start with a light touch, then work up to a firmer massage over the next few weeks.

Full Recovery Going Forward

After the first couple of weeks have passed, you will have a follow-up appointment with your doctor. During this time, your doctor will likely clear you to resume most of your regular activities, including light exercise. More strenuous exercise will typically have to wait a few more weeks. With smaller implants measuring 400 ccs or less, you’ll typically be fully cleared by eight weeks post-surgery. For larger implants, you’ll need a bit more recovery time. Your doctor will most likely clear you by 12 weeks after your surgery.

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