Ear Pinning Surgery Can Minimize Teasing & Boost Self-Confidence in the Early Childhood Years!

During the early years of school, ears that stick out can lead to teasing for children, and as we age, large or abnormally shaped ears can leave us feeling self-conscious with low self-esteem.

While prominent ears are often an inherited trait, there’s a simple solution to help you feel more confident.

Michael J. Streitmann, M.D., a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon , offers cosmetic ear surgery to reposition the ears closer to the head while recreating the proper curvature at the top of the ears. To learn more, give us a call at 713-667-4600 or send us an email at mjs@houstonplasticsurgery.net.

Ear Pinning Surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a procedure wherein the shape, position, or size of the ears is altered, whether you’re simply bothered by large or abnormally shaped ears or your ears have been misshapen due to an injury. Many patients notice the following benefits:

  • A sense of normality:
    Once the surgery is performed and the patient’s ears are reshaped, a sense of normality can begin due to less teasing throughout the childhood years – enabling a better self-image and self-esteem.
  • A boost in self-confidence:
    For many individuals with irregularly shaped ears, teasing, staring, and social discrimination are common experiences leading to a lack of self confidence; however, after surgery, the patient is able to feel more confident.

Dr. Michael J. Streitmann will consult with you to discuss your expectations and desired outcome, as well as any potential risks or concerns, in order to ensure the success of the surgery. Once the cosmetic ear surgery is complete, the results will be well-shaped ears that help you feel more confident!

Looking for more information about cosmetic ear surgery?
Give us a call at 713-667-4600 or send us an email at mjs@houstonplasticsurgery.net.

Michael J. Streitmann, M.D. is the preferred board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Houston, TX!

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