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Reduce Excess Tissue/Fat of the Male Chest to Achieve A More Pleasing Shape That Gives You Confidence!

Male breast enlargement, also known as gynecomastia, starts around the time of puberty due to obesity, hormonal metabolism imbalance, medicinal causes, or liver disease; however, when it continues into adulthood, which occurs in 10% of men, it becomes fairly uncomfortable and socially devastating.

Michael J. Streitmann, M.D. offers male breast reduction to reduce excess tissue or fat of the male chest.
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Gynecomastia Surgery

After undergoing male breast reduction, many patients notice physical and psychological benefits – from getting rid of excess tissue or fat for a more defined chest area to eliminating discomfort or embarrassment resulting from male breast enlargement. The surgery can be performed one of two ways:

When gynecomastia results from excess fatty tissue in the male chest, liposuction is a great option wherein unwanted localized deposits of fat cells are removed from the body for more attractive, defined chest contours.

Traditional surgical excision
When gynecomastia results from a glandular disorder, traditional surgical excision is a better option, whether performed alone or in conjunction with liposuction, to cut away the excess glandular tissue.

Dr. Michael J. Streitmann will consult with you to discuss your expectations and desired outcome, as well as any potential risks or concerns, in order to ensure the success of the surgery. Once the male breast reduction surgery is performed, you’re able to enjoy a more pleasing shape that gives you confidence.

If you’re looking to augment the pectoral muscles of your chest, pectoral implants can be inserted at the same time as your breast reduction surgery – adding an hour onto the procedure.

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