Dr. Streitmann’s Private Label Skin Care Line

Skincare Products Formulated Specifically to the Pharmaceutical Standards of Potency & Purity

Most of us will have some type of concern with our skin at some point in life, whether it’s dryness, blemishes, fine lines, or uneven skin tone.

Although healthy eating and good skincare habits can help alleviate these concerns, it’s not always enough to help us feel confident with our complexion.

Michael J. Streitmann, M.D. offers Dr. Streitmann’s Private Label Skin Care Line designed to improve the signs of aging and prevent further skin damage. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, give us a call at 713-667-4600 or send us an email at mjs@houstonplasticsurgery.net.

Dr. Streitmann‘s Private Label Skin Care Line includes a range of products, including topical corticosteroids, anti-infective agents, and acne treatments, which are formulated specifically to the pharmaceutical standards of potency and purity. These high-quality medical skincare products are able to help with:

  • Photoaging
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Acne

Essentially, you’re able to take advantage of these products to restore moisture to dry/oily skin, improve the signs of aging, and protect skin against further environmental damage.

Contact us today to see how you can order some of our high quality skin care products, or visit our office in Houston, TX for an appointment. Test out what you like before you buy!

Dr Michael J Streitmann Skin Care

Dr. Streitmann’s Private Label Skincare Products are formulated according to pharmaceutical standards of purity, potency and stability.

Skin Brightening Cream

Skin Brightening Cream - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.

A unique combination of Kojic acid, Vitamin C and hydroxy acid to help brighten skin. This product can be enhanced with 4% Arbutin additive hydroquinone equivalent) as well as Tretinoin

(Vitamin A) to enhance your daily and/or night-time regimen.

Arbutin and/or Vita-A additives $107/$142

Eye Brightening Cream

Eye Brightening Cream - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.

Targets the two main causes of dark circles with a combination of brighteners, peptides, flavonoids.  Vitamins C + E and Green Tea also targets fine lines & wrinkles. $62

Anti-Oxidant C Serum

Anti-Oxidant C Serum - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.Vitamins C + E and Ferulic acid ester with a mild keratolytic agent helps to combat the signs of aging. $97

Anti-Oxidant E-Gel

Anti-Oxidant E-Gel - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.High-potency combinations of Vitamins C, E and an F acid ester combined with a Beta-hydroxy (Salicylic acid). This combination Ferulic provides both short-term exfoliation and longer-term skin appearance benefits. $97


Clarifying Moisturizer

Clarifying Moisturizer - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.100% oil-free moisturizer with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties to help restore normal barrier function for combination or blemish-prone skin. $54

Facial Sunscreen

Facial Sunscreen - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.This anti-oxidant emollient sunscreen (SPF 30) is a combination of micronized Titanium and Zinc oxides, fortified with the powerful anti-oxidant Melanin, Vitamins C, E and Ferulic acid ester, in an emollient silicone cream. $60

Gentle Cleanser

Gent;e Cleanser - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.An extra gentle foamy cleanser for redness-prone and sensitive skin. $52

Hyaluronic Peptide Gel

Hyaluronic Peptide Gel - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.A highly concentrated Hyaluronic acid-based gel designed to enhance skin moisture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  This water-based gel contains Vitamins B3, B5 and amino acid chains, or peptides that mimic fragments of human collagen, thus improving the dermal support. $79

Hydrating Complex Cream

Hydrating Complex Cream - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.New technology that revolutionizes the skins ability to increase epidermal hydration.  Formulated with a peptide complex to improve water transport; barrier enhancing lipids, Cholesterol, Fatty acids, Ceramides and fortified with anti-oxidants C, E and Ferulic acid ester. $160

Private Label Skin Care Products

Intensive Recovery Cream

Intensive Recovery Cream - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.A rich cream that combines a non-vasodialating 5% Niacinamide, commonly known as Vitamin B3, with natural lipids that help soften, sooth and moisturize. $77

Medicated Cleanser

Medicated Cleanser - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.This foaming face wash contains 10% glycolic acid for enhanced exfoliation, perfect for normal to oily skin. $48

Purifying Cleanser

Purifying Cleanser - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.A foamy cleanser with a Beta-hydroxy (Salicylic acid) to enhance daily exfoliation. $48

Restorative Eye Complex

Restorative Eye Complex - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.A high-potency combination of ingredients specifically addressing the needs of the eye area, combining protective anti-oxidants, soothing emollients and firming peptides. $62

Retinol 20 or 50

Retinol 20 or 50 - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.These micro-encapsulated formulas significantly enhance the stability of Retinol by isolating the molecule in the core of the active ingredient, thus protecting it from light and oxygen. This formula acts as a sustained-release Retinol delivery system which reduces irritation characteristic of retinoids. $75 or $81

Anti-Redness Soothing Cream

Anti-Redness Soothing Cream - Dr. Michael J. Streitmann M.D.A combination of anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic agents in an elegant green light cream helps mask the appearance of redness and/or Rosacea prone skin. $59

Interested in learning more? Ready to schedule a consultation? Give us a call at 713-667-4600 or send us an email at mjs@houstonplasticsurgery.net. Michael J. Streitmann, M.D. is a trusted, board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Houston, TX!


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