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Want to help Mom look and feel her best?

It’s never the wrong time to give Mom something special. Dr. Michael J. Streitmann at Houston Plastic Surgery is your partner in delighting Mom with the best surprise of the year with our new Mommy Makeover special.

The Mommy Makeover is a combination of two powerful, popular procedures:

Tummy Tuck In The Woodlands

Want a flat, well-toned stomach with less hard work? No matter how hard you strive to get a toned stomach, the natural distribution of fat throughout your body can be your worst enemy. Now, there’s a solution that can shape and firm the tummy faster.

There are many reasons why Mom might not have the tummy she dreams of: pregnancy, aging, surgery or even the effects of weight loss. Whatever the case may be, a tummy tuck helps by removing excess skin or fat directly from the abdominal area.

At the same time, underlying muscles that may have separated or become weak over time are surgically restored. This leads to a flatter and tighter abdomen. A tummy tuck also provides the appearance of a much narrower waist for most patients. Results are noticeable right away.

Breast Augmentation In The Woodlands

Beautiful, youthful-looking breasts can increase a woman’s confidence instantly. Working with Dr. Streitmann, the procedure is safe and effective. Implants are placed behind each breast that will increase their fullness and volume while maintaining a natural silhouette.

Pregnancy, weight reduction and many other ordinary life factors can cause a woman to lose breast fullness. In many cases, this can cause the loss of a full cup size. Larger, fuller breasts can be achieved using your choice of either saline or silicone implants.

Dr. Streitmann will help you select a breast augmentation option and size target based on your desires and current breast size. This simple surgical procedure requires no downtime and produces immediate results. Mild soreness may be apparent but will fade within a few weeks.

Moms of All Ages and Backgrounds Will Love the Mommy Makeover
Millions of women from all over the United States have seen the amazing confidence boost they can achieve with cosmetic surgery. These procedures are ideal for women who want to feel and look their best at any age while maintaining the gorgeous figure they truly want.

The key? Working with an expert plastic surgeon in The Woodlands who understands your needs.

With the Mommy Makeover special, you too can benefit from these two revitalizing treatments at a lower investment than ever before. Exclusively during our special, you can combine both these procedures for the low price of $12,500.

To find out more, contact us today.

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