What Does the Start of Melanoma Look Like?

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Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. If you have any moles that you think might be cancerous, it is important to have them checked out by your doctor right away.

If you are wondering, “What does the start of melanoma look like?” here are some of the most common melanoma warning signs, following a pattern of ABCDE.

A – Asymmetry

Most moles are regular in shape, but cancerous moles are typically asymmetrical. This means that the size and shape of one side of the mole does not match the other side.

B – Borders Are Irregular

The border of a normal, healthy mole will usually appear smooth and even. A cancerous mole, on the other hand, may have irregular borders. Look for ragged or blurred edges.

C – Color is Uneven

For the most part, typical moles are similarly colored throughout. If you have melanoma, you may notice that the color of your mole varies from one part to another. The pigment from the mole may also bleed into the surrounding skin.

D – Diameter

Cancerous moles tend to be much larger than other moles. Although melanomas can still be small sometimes, most are larger than a pea. This equates to at least 6 millimeters or a quarter of an inch across the largest point.

E – Evolution

Most moles stay roughly the same size throughout your life. However, if you have melanoma, you will likely experience rapid changes to your moles. Keep an eye out for any changes that take place in a short period, like over a few weeks or months.

Checking Your Skin for Melanoma

To protect against skin cancer, knowing what Melanoma looks like is crucial.  Moreover, to catch melanoma warning signs right away, it is important to monitor your skin regularly.

This will alert you to any changes that take place so that you can notify your dermatologist or another doctor right away. Although it is possible for melanoma to turn deadly, the prognosis is typically positive if you can remove the affected mole quickly.

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Removal Houston TX

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