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As time goes on, a woman’s breasts tend to change shape, becoming
much less round, firm, and perky. So why does this happen?

Some key reasons include age, hormonal fluctuations, weight loss, pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight gain, or genetics; but there’s a simple and effective way to address changes in breast shape and firmness – breast lift surgery in Houston, TX.

Breast Lift Surgery

What Is A Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a type of cosmetic surgery that can restore perkiness and firmness to drooping or sagging breasts. As opposed to breast augmentations, breast lifts do not change the size of your breasts, but rather restore them to their previous condition from when you were younger, by removing excess skin and tightening the area.

How Can You Tell If You Need A Breast Lift?

As you age, your breasts lose the firmness they once had, causing them to sag. Part of this is due to the natural aging process. The number of pregnancies you’ve had, breastfeeding or hormonal fluctuations all contribute to drooping breasts. If you have started to notice that your breasts aren’t as perky and full as they once were, a breast lift is a great option to get them back to their former glory.

Benefits of a Breast Lift

When you are not satisfied with the way your body looks, it can wreak havoc on your self-esteem. Correcting the problem can give you renewed confidence in yourself and pride in your body. If your breasts are on the larger side, a breast lift can also help to make you more comfortable by reducing bounce and drag due to gravity. When you feel better about yourself and your appearance, you’ll often find that you feel happier in other areas of your life as well.

Michael J. Streitmann, M.D., a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, offers breast lift surgery in Houston to raise and firm the breasts. To learn more, give us a call at 832-664-7297 or send us an email at

Do you feel like your breasts have lost their shape or volume? If so, a breast lift is a great option to help you raise and firm the breasts while improving your self-esteem and confidence. Above all, a breast lift makes sense for those who:

  • Would like to have more cleavage
  • Feel self-conscious about their breasts
  • Would like to boost their self image

Dr. Michael J. Streitmann will consult with you to determine the appropriate breast lift technique based on:

  • The size and shape of your breasts
  • The size and position of your areolas
  • The degree of breast sagging/loss of volume
  • The elasticity/quality of your skin

Once the appropriate breast lift technique is selected, anesthesia will be administered before the incision, in order to reduce discomfort or pain. After the incisions are made, the underlying breast tissue will be lifted and reshaped to improve shape, contour, and fullness.

Types Of Breast Lifts

There are several techniques for performing breast lifts, and the right one for you will depend on your body and specific needs. Here are some of the most common types to prepare you for discussing your options with your cosmetic surgeon in Houston.

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Crescent Lift
With this type of lift, your cosmetic surgeon will make a small incision along the top of your areola, minimizing scarring. This technique is best for those with a minimal amount of sagging to correct, or those who plan to have a breast augmentation done at the same time as the breast lift.

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Peri-Areolar Lift
Similar to the crescent lift, the peri-areolar lift, or donut lift technique requires an incision all the way around the areola. This technique is often combined with a breast augmentation and can help to reduce the size of your areolas. Scarring is typically minimal and follows the line around your areolas.

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Vertical Lift
Also called a lollipop lift, a vertical lift is the most common type of breast lift. This technique involves making two incisions, one around the areola, and another from the areola to the crease under the breast. This style is suitable for correcting moderate sagging.

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Inverted T Lift
This type of breast lift, also called an anchor lift, is best for cases of extreme sagging. In addition to the two incisions of the vertical lift technique, the inverted T lift also includes an incision along the bottom crease. In many cases, this procedure is performed in conjunction with a breast reduction.

Breast lift surgery in houston

How is a Breast Lift Procedure Performed?

To start, you’ll be placed under general anesthesia for the duration of the procedure so that you won’t feel a thing. Typically, a breast lift takes about two hours to complete, and you’ll usually be able to go home the same day.

Breast Lift Recovery And After-Care

After your surgery, you’ll likely experience some soreness and bruising, which will typically heal within a week or two. Most patients can go back to work after the first week, presuming your job doesn’t require intense physical labor. You can manage any pain or discomfort with over-the-counter or prescription pain medications according to your doctor’s recommendations.

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Avoid Strenuous Physical Activity
You should try to avoid strenuous physical activity for at least a month to allow your breasts time to heal. You may experience an increase or decrease in nipple sensation at first, but most patients report feeling back to normal within a month or two.

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When The Breast Lift Is Complete
Your results will be immediately visible – and over time, swelling will lessen while the incision lines fade; giving you an opportunity to truly enjoy the satisfaction that comes along with having more raised firm breasts.


Choose a Houston Breast Lift Surgeon You Can Trust

When it comes to plastic surgery in Houston, you have a lot of options available to you, and it is important to choose a doctor with whom you feel comfortable. Dr. Michael J. Streitmann is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Our office will gladly help with your breast lift and any other cosmetic or reconstructive procedures you are considering.

We will take the time to sit down with you to discuss your past and current health, goals for the procedures, and the details of our process. We want you to feel completely comfortable with us, so we’ll answer all of your questions at your initial consultation. The consultation is free, and there is no obligation on your part, so get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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Christi Q.
“Dr. Streitmann is a caring and smart physician. He has high standards and is a person of great intergrity. I have total confidence in his advice. He has treated every member of my family, from complicated skin grafts for skin cancer repair to simple procedures. I highly recommend him.”

Gerald W.
“I absolutely respect and appreciate Dr. Streitmann. I have had four surgeries on my face, neck and hands. He has repaired the damage left behind on two of my friends who have had cancer. Every person I have sent to him adores him.”

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