Can You Reverse Sun Damage?

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In the summer, it’s great to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, all that time in the sun can wreak havoc on your skin, leading to dark spots, dry skin, and wrinkles. Luckily for you, it is possible to reverse sun damage that has already been done and prevent further damage from happening in the future. Here’s what you need to do to reduce sun damage.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Over time, the skin cells right at the surface die off so that fresh skin can grow underneath. When your skin is damaged from the sun, those dead skin cells have a harder time falling away to reveal the more youthful skin underneath. Exfoliation can help the process along. Scrub your skin with a loofah or dry brush to slough off the top layer of dead skin. This will make it easier for the new skin to show, making you look younger and healthier.

Lighten Dark Spots

Numerous products on the market can minimize the appearance of dark spots. Though these products are often called skin bleach, there is no actual bleaching involved. These products work by inhibiting your skin’s production of melanin, the substance that causes the color of your skin to darken. This helps to even out your skin tone so that it is all the same shade.

Hydrate Dry Skin

The sun’s effects can be incredibly drying on your skin, so it is important to reintroduce moisture as quickly as possible after being exposed to the sun. Of course, drinking plenty of water can help in this area, but you need to moisturize as well. Choose products specifically formulated for your face, hands, feet, and body to see the greatest results.

Slather on Sunscreen

The best way to reverse sun damage is to prevent any more damage from occurring. We’re sure you’ve been told this at least a thousand times throughout your life, but it bears repeating. You should be applying sunscreen any time you will be outside for more than a few minutes. The higher the SPF, the greater protection the sunscreen provides. Don’t forget to reapply every two hours or after sweating or swimming.

Medical Grade Skin Care Products in Houston

Dr. Michael J. Streitmann has formulated a pharmaceutical antioxidant emollient sunscreen that can prevent sun damage while also reversing any damage that has already occurred. We welcome you to get in touch with our office if you have any questions about this product or how to repair sun-damaged skin.

During your free consultation with Dr. Michael J. Streitmann, he’ll evaluate the current condition of your skin and offer advice and guidance as to how best to care for your particular skin type. Call (713)667-4600  and reach out to us today to schedule your first appointment with us.



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